Kehlani releases video for Distraction


American artist Kehlani has finally released the much anticipated music video for her track, Distraction.

Now I had no doubt in my mind that this video would be flames and LOOK AT GAWWWD!

Kehlani once again delivered!

Known for her unique style and addictive lyrics, Kehlani has always managed to exceed fans expectations.

One can never really guess what she has planned for her next project.


Distraction has no complicated message. It’s exactly as the song title says and what Kehlani asks over and over in the track.

“Do you,do you, do you wanna be….a distraction baby?”

“This song is about a girl. I was talking to this girl and I was really in my vibe like in Philly making all of these songs for the album. And I was like ‘it’s cool to like have a little thing but right now I’m so in my vibe. So you gotta be a distraction but you really can’t take away from like what I really got going on. I made an Instagram caption first and then was like ‘ay that shiii was fire’ and then took it off the caption (laughs). Then we made the song right after,” Kehlani told Genius. com.



Two for one surprise! Rihanna drops Official video for Work! 

If you thought that the song Work itself is amazing, then you would absolutely love the video to go along with it!

Now most really amazing songs, has really crappy music videos but not this one honey, oh no no!

Rihanna took her time with this one and can we just admit, she delivered and proved why the saying “worth the wait” exists!  

The official music video, which was directed by Director X, dropped today and it is filled with island flavour. Island flavour OVERLOAD to be exact! This music video setting will remind you of Rihanna’s Man Down  music video, which was shot in her hometown, Barbados.  This video was shot in a Caribbean restaurant in Toronto.

This whole music video is a party. People grinding on each other and having a good time. You will think you went back in time and you are now on the set of Dirty Dancing. Remember that famous scene where everyone is just on top of one another, supposedly dancing? Picture that with just a whole lot more grinding. Also the amount of twerking in this video is so much that it will have you attempting it after watching this. But whose complaining? Rihanna is a natural when it comes to winding those hips, so for the #Navy this is a plus!

Can we just talk about Drake in this music video? One would think that with all this island flavour, where does Drake fit in? But girls 😍, Drake is fire! When it gets to his verse, we see him against a wall and Riri twerking and grinding up on him while he does his thing. It amazes me how cool and calm he stays while there is little to no space between Rihanna’s booty and his… You know? Drake is THAT guy! 👏

But wait, there’s more! As the music video ends, you wonder “but why is there three minutes left if the video is finished?”, well let me tell you about Miss Fenty and Drizzy! Not only did they record one music video for Work, they recorded TWO! Because who listens to this track once? I can hear the heavens just opening “haaaaaaaaah 😇”.


In the second music video, which was directed by Tim Erem, the setting is more intimate than the first one. Just Drake, Rihanna and a couch. Yes, a couch!

Rihanna dances and sings as if she’s alone in the room while wearing a short skirt and a sheer top that shows her nipples, while Drake sits in the background and enjoys the show.

Do you envy Drake yet? 🐸☕️ While watching this video, you get the feel of Drake’s Hotline bling video. Maybe it’s the lights, but when you watch it you will feel the same.



The work these two produce together is fire! One cannot help but think about that important word ; CHEMISTRY! Drake and Rihanna’s chemistry is at a high in these videos and it is starting to become harder not to notice it!

If you haven’t yet made an effort to watch this video, then just follow this link:

You’re Welcome!

Work, work , work, work, work!