Losing – H.E.R

[Verse 1] My ambition is attractive My aggression isn't passive I promise with you The butterflies in my stomach are active They're dancin', I'm feelin' static Wanna get closer like magnets Your company, I've been feinin' I think I've turned to an addict I don't get high But lookin' in your eyes, I'm lifted Can... Continue Reading →


‘It’s about my ambitions, where I see myself heading’- Cozmik

I got the chance to chat to up-and-coming artist Cozmik, who aims to show South Africa why he is coming for the number one spot in the music industry!  Cozmik, whose real name is Abongiwe Peter,  is a 17 year-old hip hop recording artist from Cape Town. The artist started showing an interest in music at... Continue Reading →

CRZY- Kehlani

[Intro] Crazy I go, I go, I go [Verse 1] Everything I do, I do it with a passion If I gotta be a bitch, I'ma be a bad one I'm AI with the designs, du-ragging Bounce back game two, why we talkin' practice? Yeah, yeah, yeah Pull up score when I want to Best... Continue Reading →

Ella Mai – She don’t 

   [Intro: Ella Mai] Oh no she don’t, oh no she don’t, oh no she Oh no she don’t, oh no she don’t, oh no she [Verse 1: Ella Mai] Wondering what’s on your mind Guess you like the simple type I ain’t stupid, dumb, or blind Won’t sleep in your bed of lies Heard... Continue Reading →

Miss me…?

  It's been a while since I posted something…So why not get straight into it and share my fav video with you on this rainy Tuesday morning? So a while ago, someone asked me "Chanice, who do you think is vocally the best artist?".. Without hesitation I said "Miguel". I felt like I needed to... Continue Reading →

The Real or nah?

  Rumours that Tamar Braxton has been fired from the hit daytime talk show THE REAL, have been making the rounds today. If you didn't know this then where have you been? GET YOUR LIFE!    Speculations started when Tamar took to her Instagram account to post this very heartfelt post:  "I love u all but... Continue Reading →

Kehlani & Klyde – Kehlani

[Intro] Ready About to get this money In and out, just like last time Anything pop off We get outta here [Hook] We driving real slow and We don't never let nobody know when We about to motherfvcking blow shit Pull your mask down We ready to go and and We driving real slow and... Continue Reading →


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