Needed Me – Rihanna 👑

 [Verse 1] I was good on my own That's the way it was That's the way it was You was good on the low For a faded f**k On some faded love Sh*t, what the f**k you complaining for? Feeling jaded, huh? Used to trip off that sh*t I was kickin' to you Had some... Continue Reading →


The wait is OVERRRR! 

The wait is over, the wait is over!🎶      ANTI IS OFFICIALLY RELEASED and the fans can finally be blessed with some new Rihanna music. I could cry just at the thought of it 😭I am so excited!!! Don't worry girl, we love your old music but you just got us all excited to... Continue Reading →

J’adore, Rihanna!

If we think about Rihanna’s achievements throughout the years, one cannot help but feel proud. She started out as a young hopeful living in Barbados trying to get her big break to now being known worldwide for her many achievements and she’s only 27! Just to mention a few of her accomplishments; Rihanna was named... Continue Reading →

Making all the right WAVES!

  Let’s talk about the remix of Waves by Mr Probz (ft. Chris Brown and T.I) Robin Schulz that was released earlier this month. This took fans by total surprise and sent them into a downloading frenzy when Mr Probz posted a status on Facebook saying “Cat’s out of the bag! Here it is... Mr.Probz... Continue Reading →

This is His Testimony

From “sleeping on the floor at the corner store to now being up in hotels on the ocean shore”, Hot new artist August Alsina from New Orleans, has the ladies going crazy! His debut album, Testimony was released last year, 15 April 2014 on his deceased brother’s birthday. August Alsina identifies himself as “just a... Continue Reading →

Free spirit with a WILDHEART…”

After all the 2013 Billboard Music Awards drama involving Miguel, yes we all know so very clearly what happened, we have some exciting news that fans won’t be able to resist. So let’s not ponder on the horrible past and focus on the yummy future. Ladies, are you ready? So it has been announced that... Continue Reading →

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