Watch: Tamar Braxton surprises fans with brand new music

Tamar Braxton recently surprised fans with brand new music.. And baby, I love it! Tamar dropped her latest single, Crazy Kind of Love last week and had fans going crazy when she shared a snippet of the romantic track. Soon after, the singer dropped the music video for the track and left fans swooning. Tamar... Continue Reading →

Five benefits of drinking tequila

Tequila might not be everyone's favourite, but did you know that the alcoholic drink can actually be good for you? If you're into fitness, then tequila is the drink for you If you're always in the gym working on your fitness, then alcohol would be the last thing you'd want to put in your body.... Continue Reading →

Hello, it’s me…again!

Miss me? Of course, you did! Duh. It's been a while since I last posted... November 19, 2019, to be exact... but I just thought I'd interrupt your Sunday scrolling to say that my blog and I are back. So many things have happened since the last time I sat down and wrote about all things... Continue Reading →

Bruno Mars takes over the 2016 AMAs

It's official!! American artist Bruno Mars takes the crown for best performance at the 2016 American Music Awards. Okay there's no actual award for 'best performance at the 2016 American Music Awards' but if there was, Bruno would bag it without a doubt. Now, like most people I missed the first ten minutes of the awards show (let's... Continue Reading →

Kehlani releases video for Distraction

American artist Kehlani has finally released the much anticipated music video for her track, Distraction. Now I had no doubt in my mind that this video would be flames and LOOK AT GAWWWD! Kehlani once again delivered! Known for her unique style and addictive lyrics, Kehlani has always managed to exceed fans expectations. One can... Continue Reading →

Losing – H.E.R

[Verse 1] My ambition is attractive My aggression isn't passive I promise with you The butterflies in my stomach are active They're dancin', I'm feelin' static Wanna get closer like magnets Your company, I've been feinin' I think I've turned to an addict I don't get high But lookin' in your eyes, I'm lifted Can... Continue Reading →

Miss me…?

  It's been a while since I posted something…So why not get straight into it and share my fav video with you on this rainy Tuesday morning? So a while ago, someone asked me "Chanice, who do you think is vocally the best artist?".. Without hesitation I said "Miguel". I felt like I needed to... Continue Reading →

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