Ariana Grande should be in the same Whatsapp group as Mariah Carey… let me explain!


I’ve never been an Ariana Grande fan. Like never ever, ever. I’ve always seen her as Cat in Nickelodeon’s popular show, Sam & Cat. And if you’ve seen that show, you’ll fully understand why I was never a fan.

There was something about the singer that just didn’t allow me to even explore the option of listening to her songs. I would listen to The Way ft. Mac Miller or Baby I, songs that demanded you to listen because everyone else was listening. But I would never go out of my way to listen to “THAT new Ariana Grande song”.

Remember when people compared her to Mariah Carey, saying that her voice was just as amazing as Mimi, I was such a hater, adding my opinion like, “NO you can’t compare the Queen to…” you know what I mean. Such a petty hater.

But I’ve recently had a change of heart towards the singer.


After watching an episode of Carpool Karaoke when Ariana was the guest, I actually started liking her. And seeing her performance at the 2018 VMAs, I was shooooook and quickly took back my words that she could potentially be in the same Whatsapp group as Mariah… don’t even try to argue, I’ve already decided.  -Ariana is one of the best singers, POINT, BLANK, PERIOD as Tamar Braxton would say.


Ariana has time and time again proved that she is one of the best and I really think it’s time that we all jump on the ArianaGrandeIsAmazing train. If not, at least attempt to listen to some of her new tracks… believe me baby girl is doing the things that need to be done.


Take a look at her performance at the 2018 VMAs. The girl gave us the last supper vibes and managed to pull it off ever so elegantly, adding her killer pipes which made the performance as a whole a 11/10.

If you’re still not convinced, listen to her singing God is a Woman in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. You’ll thank me later.


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