Leaders and managers: Why are they different and which one is needed in the SA media industry today

During the Apartheid era, mainstream media were not allowed to publish whatever they wanted to. The media was controlled by The National Party and only stories and information that were approved by the government at the time was published in newspapers. At this time, the media was controlled by white people and often black people... Continue Reading →


Ariana Grande should be in the same Whatsapp group as Mariah Carey… let me explain!

I've never been an Ariana Grande fan. Like never ever, ever. I've always seen her as Cat in Nickelodeon's popular show, Sam & Cat. And if you've seen that show, you'll fully understand why I was never a fan. There was something about the singer that just didn't allow me to even explore the option... Continue Reading →

Take me back to Zanzibar

I had no idea what to expect. I didn't know whether I was excited or scared. Excited because this would be my first time on a plane and scared because this would be my FIRST TIME ON A PLANE. The evening before we were expected to begin our journey, I couldn't sleep. I just didn't... Continue Reading →

Jacquees – Trip (Quemix)

Intro Ooh, ooh, yeah Ooh, ooh, yeah Verse 1 I gotta ride with my gun on safety So I don't go shootin' where yo nigga be Girl you dodging bullets tryna play meĀ (you know it) Then I'm left to deal with how you made me Got a whole lot of love, ain't tryna waste it... Continue Reading →


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