Kehlani releases video for Distraction


American artist Kehlani has finally released the much anticipated music video for her track, Distraction.

Now I had no doubt in my mind that this video would be flames and LOOK AT GAWWWD!

Kehlani once again delivered!

Known for her unique style and addictive lyrics, Kehlani has always managed to exceed fans expectations.

One can never really guess what she has planned for her next project.


Distraction has no complicated message. It’s exactly as the song title says and what Kehlani asks over and over in the track.

“Do you,do you, do you wanna be….a distraction baby?”

“This song is about a girl. I was talking to this girl and I was really in my vibe like in Philly making all of these songs for the album. And I was like ‘it’s cool to like have a little thing but right now I’m so in my vibe. So you gotta be a distraction but you really can’t take away from like what I really got going on. I made an Instagram caption first and then was like ‘ay that shiii was fire’ and then took it off the caption (laughs). Then we made the song right after,” Kehlani told Genius. com.



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