Bruno Mars takes over the 2016 AMAs

It's official!! American artist Bruno Mars takes the crown for best performance at the 2016 American Music Awards. Okay there's no actual award for 'best performance at the 2016 American Music Awards' but if there was, Bruno would bag it without a doubt. Now, like most people I missed the first ten minutes of the awards show (let's... Continue Reading →

Kehlani releases video for Distraction

American artist Kehlani has finally released the much anticipated music video for her track, Distraction. Now I had no doubt in my mind that this video would be flames and LOOK AT GAWWWD! Kehlani once again delivered! Known for her unique style and addictive lyrics, Kehlani has always managed to exceed fans expectations. One can... Continue Reading →

Losing – H.E.R

[Verse 1] My ambition is attractive My aggression isn't passive I promise with you The butterflies in my stomach are active They're dancin', I'm feelin' static Wanna get closer like magnets Your company, I've been feinin' I think I've turned to an addict I don't get high But lookin' in your eyes, I'm lifted Can... Continue Reading →

CRZY- Kehlani

[Intro] Crazy I go, I go, I go [Verse 1] Everything I do, I do it with a passion If I gotta be a bitch, I'ma be a bad one I'm AI with the designs, du-ragging Bounce back game two, why we talkin' practice? Yeah, yeah, yeah Pull up score when I want to Best... Continue Reading →

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