Chris Brown- Grass Ain’t Greener music video

When Chris Brown released this song, I wasn’t fazed. Like “Okay probs another song about Karrueche”. I saw people make it their statuses on Facebook and sharing links to the song, but I wasn’t interested…until he released the video.


Now I’m not pro ‘top knot’ or this new hairstyle of Chris, but oooooh maaa gawwwwd, this video..ooh!

I know, I know I’m a fan of Chris and you’re probably thinking, “You find everything he does attractive” (insert rolling eyes)… but this is not the case. You know his recent hairstyle? I was not a fan and I wished that he cut it… but that’s not the point of the post.

Chris released the video to ‘Grass Ain’t Greener’ two weeks ago and Oh was it worth the wait!


In the music video, we get to see a whole lot more dancing from Chris that we have been hoping for. If you listen to the track, you’d hear that it’s not really an ‘up-tempo’ song where you would expect Chris to dance throughout the video, but he surprised us. Side Note: Are we ever not surprised by his work though?

Anyhoo… this video actually made me love the song and I am pretty sure for those of you who are not really ‘latching’ onto the song at the moment, the music video will change your mind.



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