Yoncé all on his mouth like… LEMONADE! 🍋

When life gives you lemons, be like Beyoncé. Make an album and call that shit Lemonade!



Okay, Okay she bad and she know it! Bow down b*tches! 👑

Who the fvck do you think I am” – Uhm I am pretty sure you are Beyoncé. This diva knows she be dripping swagu! And it’s not like we don’t know that.

Beyoncé has stunned the world yet again by releasing a visual album. This obviously had fans going crazy.

Wait, Wait,  allow me to introduce to you, Lemonade! (Please do not hold the applause)


Beyoncé dropped her album LEMONADE this past Saturday (23/04) and it is causing quite a stir. Not only has the QUEEN blessed her Beyhive with some new music, but she has blessed them with some visuals to go along with it.
Beyoncé released the album shortly after her HBO special. This special features her latest tracks off the album, this being her way of premiering her gold to the world.
Fans have been waiting for this much anticipated album for a while now. When Bey killed it in her song Formation, fans knew they had to prepare themselves for something even bigger.


Are we even surprised that Beyoncé dropped an album unexpectedly yet again??????? Its takes one back to December 2013 when she released her self-titled album and made people lose their minds.
The album tells a story. And it comes with an intense story line, If I do say so myself (insert Jay-Z here).

Beyoncé has  people talking once again and this time everybody is giving Jay the side eye. I mean are we even surprised?



But lets move on, shall we?

The 12-track visual album is set up in such a way that it really does tell a story. One cannot listen to it in any other order. If you listen to the album, you will soon realize that this wasn’t just an album to get out and make ’em dollars quickly💰. This was art that took its time and when Beyoncé was proud of her work, she knew that this was the right time to drop it. And my, my, my what a time to be alive.




The album shows a different side to Beyoncé. This in your face album, shows her “I’ve had enough” side and you know what? I ain’t even complaining. Do you Booboo!

Beyoncé goes deep and if you thought that Bey was done… oooh child!

On one of the tracks titled “Sandcastles” Beyoncé shows us the vulnerable side again. All that anger and revengefulness subsides when it comes to this track. While listening to the song, you feel every emotion that Bey is feeling while singing it. You hear the rawness of her voice. This song shows us such a rare side to an artist that fans hardly gets to see.img_6764-2
If you read through the track list and saw that track 10 is called FREEDOM and it features Kendrick Lamar, you already know before even listening to it that it is going to be fire.
Well it is safe to say that that assumption is 100% true and more! The beat alone makes you think “Oh Lawd, they gon’ kill it” and that is exactly what they do!
Need I even comment on Kendrick’s verse?
Like yeah, open correctional gates in higher desert

Yeah, open our mind as we cast away oppression
Yeah, open the streets and watch our beliefs
And when they carve my name inside the concrete
I pray it forever reads”

I pray it forever reads”

With a catchy chorus, this song will definitely be a crowd favourite!
Freedom, Freedom! I can’t move
Freedom, cut me loose!
Singin’, freedom! Freedom! Where are you?
Cause I need freedom too!
I break chains all by myself
Won’t let my freedom rot in hell

Hey! I’ma keep running
Cause a winner don’t quit on themselves”

And if you still do not know what you’re in for when it comes to LEMONADE, here are a few lyrics taken from some of the songs off this album:
“How did it come to this? Going through your call list. I don’t want to lose my pride, but imma fvck me up a bitch”
“What’s worse? Looking Jealous or Crazy?” 
“Middle fingers up, Put ’em hands high. Put it in his face. Tell him BOY-BYE” ✋
Too smart to crave material things
Stacking her paper
Stacking her cake up
She grinds from Monday to Friday
Works from Friday to Sun”
Nine times out of ten, I’m in my feelings
But ten times out of nine, I’m only human
Tell me, what did I do wrong?”

“But you my lifeline, think you tryna kill me? If I wasn’t me, would you still feel me? Like on my worst day? Or am I not thirsty, enough?”

“They say true love’s the greatest weapon
To win the war caused by pain, pain
But every diamond has imperfections
But my love’s too pure to watch it chip away”

Listening to this album, I didn’t have to skip through the songs. I literally sat and listened to each and every song, even googling lyrics to understand it better. This album amazed me. It’s not the Beyoncé that most is use to, but sometimes change is good. This was a bold move but I mean, it’s Beyoncé👯.
Can one ever doubt this woman’s ability to BRING IT??!
Now go on and call Becky with the good hair and tell her ’bout LEMONADE!🍋

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