Rihanna drops music video for Needed Me

It’s heeeere!!

The baddest song on her album now has a NSFW music video!

Try to hold the excitement, please.

Rihanna is getting good at this “not-telling-anyone-shiiiii” thing! First Work, then Kiss it Better and now this!

Guys, Needed me now has a music video! A music video that will have you thinking “Can this chick get any more badass?” 🕶

In this video, directed by Harmony Korine, Rihanna exposes her boobs once again.

I feel like seeing her topless or wearing a sheer top has become a norm ever since ANTI was released. Rihanna spends most of the video in a hotel room by herself with a breathtaking view of the ocean in a sheer robe and thong while holding a pistol.

Rihanna plays an assasin and  plots her revenge on her target, a man covered head to toe in tattoos,who is the main guy in the video. She then walks through a strip club, knowing exactly where he is situated. While he is getting a lap dance in a private room, Rihanna enters and fires several shots, three to be exact, killing Mr Tattoos.

This music video will remind some of her BBHMM video where it also has a storyline. Both music videos ends up with a dead body.

The video then ends with her smoking on a yacht right after she gets her revenge.

If this video doesn’t make you realize that Rihanna is the Baddest, then I suggest you watch this over and over and let her show you why she is Queen. 👑

Brap! Brap! Brap!


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