Yoncé all on his mouth like… LEMONADE! 🍋

When life gives you lemons, be like Beyoncé. Make an album and call that shit Lemonade! Okay, Okay she bad and she know it! Bow down b*tches! 👑 "Who the fvck do you think I am" - Uhm I am pretty sure you are Beyoncé. This diva knows she be dripping swagu! And it’s not... Continue Reading →

Rihanna drops music video for Needed Me

It's heeeere!! The baddest song on her album now has a NSFW music video! Try to hold the excitement, please. Rihanna is getting good at this "not-telling-anyone-shiiiii" thing! First Work, then Kiss it Better and now this! Guys, Needed me now has a music video! A music video that will have you thinking "Can this... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my Life: Chris Brown

If you ever thought that Chris Brown simply cannot surprise you when you least expect it, then think again! The singer released a trailer to his documentary called Welcome to my life.   First of all, when did this happen? A documentary? This was the last thing anybody expected Breezy to do. The documentary will... Continue Reading →


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