#WCW: Bianca le Grange

So Monday I started off the new segment on my blog with my #MCM and today is the day dedicated to all the women. Yes! It’s #WCW
Today my first ever blog #WCW goes to a lady whom I have adored since I’ve seen her perform for the first time on television. She took part in the very first season of popular singing competition, Idols. Allow me to introduce my #WCW for this week, Bianca le Grange! 


Currently living in Cape Town, this beautiful being was born in Kimberly, but grew up in Johannesburg. Bianca completed her schooling at the National School of Arts, where she studied both Classical and Contemporary music. 


Since Idols this singer/ actress has 4 albums behind her name. She has also appeared on shows such as Noot vir Noot, Kyk Net, Pasella, Pitstop and Lirieke Raai. She was also a celebrity coach on seasons one and three of Supersterre. She was nominated for a Fleur Du Cap Award for best actress in a musical and won a Naledi Award for best perfomance in a musical. 


Her career in the music industry has allowed her to share the stage with amazing international singers such as Beyoncé, Usher and Alicia Keys. 

Although we know Bianca as a singer and an actress, there are some things that we do not know about her. Like the fact that she is involved in charity work, that works with disadvantaged children and children with special causes. She has also worked with the Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa). Her passion for charity work grew from her own struggles and sickness while she was growing up. 

Whether you have seen her live or on your tv, we have all witnessed her many different looks. Whether it is her short hair, her long hair, her blonde hair or her red hair,she OWNS whatever look she has at that moment. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that she can pull off ANY look. 

One thing we can also say is that Bianca has an infectious smile with a loud personality. Her presence in general, whether its live or on your tv, is amazing and one can say that her personality screams “down-to-earth”. Whoever gets or got to meet her is so lucky.  

Fun fact: Bianca says her idol is Alicia Keys because she also sings and she can play the piano and she knows how diffucult doing them simultaneously can be. 


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