#MCM 🏃🏻 and #WCW ðŸ’ƒ

Attention! Attention! I have something to mention! 📢

So having a #MCM also known as Man Crush Monday, fast became a trend on social media. Whether it is on Facebook or Instagram, everybody knows when  monday comes, they need to let the world know who they crushing on.

When #MCM became a trend, there had to be an appreciation day for the ladies aswell. So then the trend #WCW started. Woman Crush Wednesday is a day dedicated to the ladies on social media. 


Why am I telling you this? Well, I have decided to add something new to my blog and surprise, surprise it will be #MCM and #WCW

Starting this Monday, I will be posting my very first #MCM here on my blog! Then on a Wednesday, I will be doing the same by posting my #WCW

Appreciating the males and the females of the world, whether it is international celebs, celebs that are from the Mother land or even my Mom and Dad❤️. My dedicated “crush days” has no limits! 


Man Crush Monday and Woman Crush Wednesday, LET’S DO THIS! 


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