Introducing, William Singe!

Everybody loves listening to covers of popular songs on Youtube. It has become a norm for people all over to do their own version of these songs. It’s wonderful to see how many talented people there are across the globe. It’s even better if you find someone who just blows your socks off.

Well, I stumbled across someone who had me thinking “Why isn’t this guy famous yet?!” The person I am talking about is 23-year-old, William Singe. This guy is all the way from Sydney, Australia.

If you one of those people that doesn’t believe in covers because you believe that only the original artist should sing their songs, then I suggest you listen to this guy. Not only does William sing songs by different artists, he also makes the songs his own. He takes songs with up beats and turns them into slow jams. For example Fetty Wap’s 679. Not sure what I mean? Take a listen here:

He takes popular songs and does his own renditions of them.Did I mention that he plays his own music for his covers? No instrumental version or backtrack! This guys is talented.

William has a way of taking songs that you wouldn’t even listen to and make number one on your playlist. As another example, I am not a fan of Lifestyle by Rich Gang ft. Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan because in my opinion, its too noisy! But when William works his magic, I have this cover on repeat. Listen for yourself and see why I am feeling this track now:

Usually, I hate it when people take songs and try to change it, but with this one I am definitely not complaining. ❤

Fell in love with his voice like I did?  Follow the link below to subscribe to his page and to listen more:

You’re Welcome!



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