#MCM: Irshaad Ally

So today is the start of my official #MCM segment. Hip hip hooray! Let’s get started, shall we? I decided that my very first #MCM should go to someone right here from Cape Town because local is mos lekker! My Man Crush Monday is………….. Mr Irshaad Ally!    Now most of you might know him... Continue Reading →

#MCM 🏃🏻 and #WCW 💃

Attention! Attention! I have something to mention! 📢 So having a #MCM also known as Man Crush Monday, fast became a trend on social media. Whether it is on Facebook or Instagram, everybody knows when  monday comes, they need to let the world know who they crushing on.    When #MCM became a trend, there had... Continue Reading →

Introducing, William Singe!

Everybody loves listening to covers of popular songs on Youtube. It has become a norm for people all over to do their own version of these songs. It’s wonderful to see how many talented people there are across the globe. It’s even better if you find someone who just blows your socks off. Well, I... Continue Reading →

Hey, It’s Saint West! 

After weeks of waiting, we are finally blessed with a picture of little Saint West. Proud Momma, Kim Kardashian took to her website and also her app to share this adorable pic! Kim posted this photo of her son on her late dad's birthday. In the post, she says that she shared it knowing that... Continue Reading →


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