The wait is OVERRRR! 

The wait is over, the wait is over!🎶  


ANTI IS OFFICIALLY RELEASED and the fans can finally be blessed with some new Rihanna music. I could cry just at the thought of it 😭I am so excited!!! Don’t worry girl, we love your old music but you just got us all excited to hear dat new new!


ANTI has been released a day after Riri dropped a single off this much anticipated album called Work featuring Drake. Then a day later, yes TODAY, she released the deluxe part of the album which gives fans THREE bonus tracks. Clearly she is trying to play with our feelings. Now before I get into praising the album, let’s just take a minute to thank the heavens for this long awaited album 😭😭😓🔥🙏🏻………. Amen! 


Rihanna has been keeping her #navy on their toes for quite a while now concerning ANTI. The album was first rumoured to be called R8 but Riri later announced that the official name is ANTI; which is quite a weird name if i do say so myself (if I do say so myself🎼). When you ‘Anti’ something it means against, I don’t see this fitting because we all on Rihanna’s side, right? Hopefully The beauty from Barbados will explain the name soon. Moving on!


The album cover is a little creepy. I am sorry but I know I just took the words right out your mouth. Just a random child with a crown and a balloon. Not forgetting that dash of red. Well wonder no more because I have done my research. The artist behind this album cover is Roy Nachum.  

Believe it or not this is a picture of Rihanna when she was younger with a crown over her eyes and a balloon in her hand. The cover also has braille dots all over it. Seeing obstructed eyesight in Nachum’s work is the norm. He uses his artwork to get through to people, telling them to open their eyes. By adding braille to his work, this allows people who are visually impaired to also experience art. If you are wondering what the braille on the artwork says then fear not, I got your back. The piece was written by poet Chloë Mitchell:


The album starts off with a track called Consideration. This track is nothing like any Rihanna fan is use to. A friend of mine once mentioned that it would be cool if Riri did more songs that has that Barbados feel to it. Well, here you go Friend! This track is full of that island flavour. 

Another track on the album is called Kiss It Better. This song will definitely be a crowd favourite. Kiss it better is all about a relationship that ended but she now wants it back again. In the song she reminisces about the good and the bad in the relationship. Even saying things like “So I argue, you yell, had you take me back. Who cares when it feels like crack?” This song is about those type of relationships that are toxic yet it’s what you need. Definitely one of my fav tracks!  

Another Anti favourite I get to boast about is Work featuring Drake. Work is one of the tracks off this album that will have you loving it by just one listen; I swear one listen and you will be hooked! This is one of the more fun sides to Rihanna. Even though this song will have you winding your hips like you are Shakira, it will have you asking “what the **** is she saying?” In the beginning and during the chorus, Rihanna sounds like she’s mumbling but this is all part of the song. This just sets the right kind of mood that comes with the song. And need I mention the chemistry between these two? Two hit singles together and a third on its way to the top? Need I say more! 


So as you might have noticed, artists are now taking golden oldies and making it more modern or making it their own. Rihanna decided that it is now her turn to take an old school ballad and make it her own. But all she did was take the old school melody and added her own lyrics. In this song called Love on the brain, we see a different side to Rihanna. Something we as the #navy isn’t use to. She lays her heart on this track and gives us a chance to see a softer side to her; besides all that bad girl shenanigans. This track has had people comparing her to Etta James and Erykah Badu.  

After listening to Needed me and taking note of the lyrics, I actually appreciate Rihanna’s cocky side. We are kind of familiar with this side to her and we are not complaining at all about this track. Giving compliments and telling the guy how good they were but then changing it up and saying things like ” You was just another nigga on the hit list. Tryna fix your inner issues with a bad b*tch. Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage” Does this not scream “I do not need you”? Reminds me of Jhené Aiko lyrics that says “You weren’t special ’til I made you so” , well this is exactly what Rihanna is trying to say in this song. This is a raw and real side to Riri. Fans has even started calling this their anthem. Saying that in a way this song gives a female power. You have to listen to this song to completely understand why this particular song has females going crazy! Guys better watch out! 👀


I could go on and on about every single track on this album, but I will not allow myself to spoil it for you. ANTI consists of many different Rihannas. And I am sure you are thinking “What you mean different Rihannas?” Let me explain; on every single track she brings something different to the table. On one song she brings so much island flavour and then on the next she’s singing an old school ballad. Allowing us to see different sides to her. ANTI album as a whole cannot be categorized into one box AND IT SHOULD’NT. 

All I know is, this was definitely worth the wait.  Now what you waiting for??? Go get Anti right now!



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