ANTI is Reeeeal! 

I have to start this post off with an honest heart.. I thought Rihanna was “just kidding” when it was rumoured that she was going to release a new album. With all the rumours and her pushing her release date further back, I started to lose hope.. BUT FEAR NOT!! ANTI is real!!  


So Rihanna probably knew that fans (like myself) were starting to doubt whether ANTI was real or not. So she had to show us that she has our backs! 


She released a single featuring Drake called Work. And it was released TODAY! 

Now many would be over the moon that Riri came through and provided, but one has to state the obvious, this is yet another track that Drake and Rihanna has worked on together. Let’s talk about the fact that she and Drake makes such great music together. What’s my name? and Take Care are two great hits and then this? Can we just take a moment….. Talk about chemistry!😍


Work is the name of this oh-so-catchy song and this is eveything beyond your expectation. You know how you expect the song to be “bad” just because Rihanna portrays that ‘bad girl’ type but nooooope! This track has little bits of the ‘old’ Rihanna. I am talking about the SOS and Break it Off kind of Rihanna. This song has a catchy chorus that will soon be on every single person’s lips! You will find yourself winding your hips while listening to this song on repeat! I promise. 

 If this is a taste of what her much anticipated album will be like then Ghaaaad damn Riri! I don’t know about you but this song has definitely got me even more excited ( and convinced) for Rihanna’s new album, ANTI

 If you haven’t heard it yet, then i suggest you minimize this post and download it immediately.


You’re Welcome.


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