Hello… It’s Justin Bieber!


Let me start off by saying, I am not a fan of Justin Bieber, but OH MY BELIEBER his new album is FLAMES!

This post might come off a tad bit bias but I don’t care, you guys need to know how insanely good this album is.

So Justin Bieber has been silent for quite a while now and everyone used this silence as a way to push him down, making all types of negative comments. The media even tried to come up with different reasons as to why the Biebs just went M.I.A. But little did they know, he was about to do the unexpected.

Now we all know that ever since Boyfriend was released, Justin Bieber started gaining more matured fans (is it even okay to make that comment?). In this track, he showed the world that he can sound like a matured,young man and this got girls weak in the knees: like made your knees freeze? Haha images-3

The album is titled Purpose and the name definitely says it all. Justin Bieber took a totally different turn with this one and made it something that all can enjoy and relate to. When I say the words “relate to”, I mean that everyone  can relate to a few songs on this album. All the tracks that are on this album, has a message that comes wit it. There are different emotions that goes along with each track and it will also bring  familiar feelings along with it that will have you saying “oh my word! I remember when I went through this”.

The first track on the album is called Mark my words. This track is an intro on the album. I feel like this intro is used to prepare fans for what is yet to come. I would see it as Justin telling fans “watch me”. Telling all the negative people and media that they need to sit back and prepare to be blown away.noyDZ0SI64EGSzHzTHyrKa0ZY_ksOHqPNVGBphprSDygNlJYBoqyd4k7avDpUuexbI6M_I6tCIX2Q77xC6fmr4vvCe04nM1WJdlH-ZHfOPhVcuKYQ7ZQcdNzfGvIhtHRm2MhaZhcMOIDeri16k-k80s09PPtVg=w399-h369-nc

Now I wouldn’t want to spoil it for everyone and go through every track and explain what it is about because I wouldn’t want to take away the feeling that I felt when I heard all the tracks. My emotions went UUUUUP! So to be fair, I will just mention a few of the many favs that are on this album.

Let me just say that there are 20 tracks on this album. Uuhm excuse me? What? Yes, belieb it!

Crowd favourites are obviously What do you mean and Sorry . These are two of the tracks that gave fans a taste of what was yet to come. This was a sound that was totally different to the normal Justin Bieber that we are all use to. Whether you a fan or not, you know how JB is supposed to sound. Don’t even deny it.


Track 6 is called Company and can we just take a moment to appreciate this brilliant track. How smooth is Justin Bieber’s game?

Can we , we keep..keep each other company? Maybe we,can be, be each other’s company..ooh company

He wastes no time and Ladies, before he even asks this question, he will have you saying “YES! We can”. I won’t spoil it and give away every single detail about this track but all I know is that with this track, he is showing you just how smooth he is; Guys listen up!


Track 9 is called The Feeling and is all about going through the stage of being confused and stuck between being in love and being in lust. I am sure at 21 or 22 years old, the same age as Justin, we can all somehow relate to this phase. This song is sure to have you thinking twice about certain love situations. It willl have you thinking back to when you had to deal with a situation just like this. This song is defs going to be a crowd favourite too!


Besides the many love advice and experiences that is being given on the album, there is a track that is so inspirational. Track 12 is called Children and this features Skrillex. So let me just stop there for a minute. If you see that Skrillex is featured on a track, that’s how you know that this song is going to be a hit. The beat in this song compliments the song perfectly. It’s a serious song but adding Skrillex to it makes it even more enjoyable. This song conveys a message to everyone, young and old, to take a look at the children of the world and know that change starts with them. JB wants people to pay attention to the positive in this world that is currently so negative. Clearly, this track was inspired by the king himself, MJ!

There are five featured artists on this album. The artists include Big Sean, Travis Scott, Skrillex, Diplo and Nas. Although there aren’t much, this was just enough to make this album one of the best.


When it comes to my personal, personal, personal opinion concerning this album I would have to be honest. This album can easily be number one on any chart. I feel like people are so focused on Adele, who released one song after a long time. Yes, people love songs that make you miss that stranger you saw on the bus when you were 12 but listen up people! Justin Bieber was silent for quite a while and then BAM! He releases an entire album. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! Where is all the credit for this guy? Where are all the Facebook updates about how amazing this album is? Why isn’t the internet going insane? Or are we just focused on the negative this guy does?


Let’s play a game of never have I ever. Never have I ever, listened to an entire album from beginning to end and be simply blown away. Usually you need to listen to a song a few times in order to say “oh that’s my fav” but nope, not with this album. Never have I ever, been a Justin Bieber fan, but oh then there’s this album. Never have I ever, gotten goose bumps for songs that I’ve heard for the first time. Never have I ever, felt the emotions that an artist is trying to convey through a particular song. YES, I felt it JB. I could go on and on but let’s stop right there.


This album is unlike anything else. It cannot be compared to anybody else’s work and it shouldn’t be.


This is an album of self-discovery and acceptance.

This album is growth.

This album is Justin Bieber.

This album is Purpose.






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