“ANOTHER ONE” *DJ Khaled voice*

mqdefaultShe loves a nigga with them gold slugs, gold slugs

I’m grillin’ and I’m f**kin’ at the same time”

No, it’s not the cleanest lyrics, but this song has such a catchy beat and even though the chorus is a bit rough, it’s catchy too. The beat matches the mood of the song.  So you can expect to bob your head to this song or do a little lean with it/ rock with it while you walking.

This track is one of two singles released by DJ Khaled. His album I Changed A Lot will be arriving on the23 October.DJ-KHA~2

As you may have noticed, DJ Khaled keeps getting better with the artists that he features on his new songs that he has been blessing us with lately. But this song caught me off-guard and you will soon be just as surprised as I am when you see who the artists on this track are. This time he got three of my personal favourites on a track together: Chris Brown, August Alsina and “yeeeeeah baby”, Fetty Wap.Each artist brings their own style to this track. The sounds and styles that we know and love.


Who better than Breezy to start off the track? In this track, Chris sings the chorus throughout the song. He starts the song with the first verse which sets the tone for this track and without a doubt he kills it. We all know and love Chris’ explicit side and in this song he holds nothing back. And we are not complaining.


The second artist with the smooth voice is Mr August Alsina. August gets the second verse spot on this track and he holds nothing back.  With his smooth voice that we cannot get enough of, August just keeps getting more and more comfortable with these explicit lyrics. He isn’t afraid to take that risk and say whatever he feels in his verse. He says things like “When it’s over she’ll need the undertaker, killed that”. This line had me like “He’s confident, oh no no oh no no


Then finally the guy that made “yeeeeeeah baby” a ‘thing’, Fetty Wap! He ends the song off and I think this was the best decision ever. Fetty Way has this voice that just puts you in the right mood. I even think his verse makes you want to close your eyes and whine your hips (if you a girl of course) and for the guys, this will be the song you will be blasting in your car. He just allows you to feel the music with him.


This song has that DJ Khaled feel and it is definitely a treat for the ladies. Besides the “Deeeeejaaaaay Khaled” that we all use to, there’s just something about DJ Khaled music. This is the kind of track that will make you feel extra good while driving and ease the pain of traffic.


I guarantee you will be listening to this song on repeat.


Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDzxQBgj-f8

You’re welcome.dj-khaled-gold-slugs_jymfkx


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