Underwear vs. Bikini


As we are approaching that time of the year again when the crop tops, shorts and skirts come out and the beach weather has us by the throat, something kind of weird was brought to my attention. Every time I go on holiday and enjoying my time at the beach, as a girl I am fascinated by the type of bikini’s women wear. Whether it is the colour or the design, I am just really fascinated.


So here’s the weird thought: While admiring and telling my mom about the kind of bikini I want, I saw someone wearing a bikini that looked exactly like it should be worn underneath your clothing. So what I’m trying to say is that, her bikini looked like underwear. So this got me thinking, what makes it okay to wear a bikini in public but not underwear, when the two looks exactly the same and it both covers up the exact same places? I know some would say “but you can see the difference and blah blah…”.YES! I know there is a difference but to some it’s a huge sin to even wear a blouse where people can see pieces of your bra but it’s simply okay to walk around in front of strangers in a bikini that looks exactly like underwear?

Now this has been an issue that has been debated over and over and some religions often forbid their daughters to wearing bikini’s when going for a swim at the beach. Now I’m not trying to start a debate, this is simply just one person’s opinion so allow me to say something.bikini-and-underwear_o_186934

A girl is always referred to as something else when just a piece of her underwear is exposed. Whether it is an intentional peek-a-boo or not, girls will never hear the end of “that day we could see your bra…” or don’t even get me started when you wear a white t-shirt with a black bra and your Muslim aunt sees this and almost dies! She’ll run to your dad and say “Isn’t there a jersey or something you can put on that child? ‘n Mens kan alles sien” So then why are all of those comments not made when a girl prances around in her bikini on the beach with no intention to swim or even go near the water?(Yes, I see you. The ones that are scared to get their hair wet. I see you). These are the girls that have a little photo-shoot instead with the intention of posting it on her social media with the caption “day at the beach”. So then shouldn’t it also be okay for a girl to post pictures in her underwear and say “day at home” If a girl should post a picture like that then they get the nastiest comments from other girls and thirsty comments from boys who has cars as their profile pictures (aka the not so good looking ones). I don’t get it. Why isn’t this also commented on like it is something to be embarrassed or ashamed of?

Or am I not getting the point?205658_405810516172006_2006130619_n

In order to not seem bias or just use my opinion as a final thought, I posted this question on my Facebook page and these are some of the responses:article-0-1D856DD100000578-428_634x639

Nicole Philander I am confused. I honestly don’t know. I think that bikinis are linked to the beach whereas as lingerie is linked to the bedroom. That’s the reason why I would feel comfortable wearing a bikini in public or seeing a pretty girl wearing one.

Mishkah Abrahams I agree with Nicole. I think that bikinis and underwear are one in the same – they both cover the same areas. It also depends on what society views as what’s ‘acceptable’ or not. People also tend to follow trends – remember that trend when all the celebs wore g-strings over their pants? Like Britney Spears in her ‘Slave 4 U’ video.

Lourens Aston Martin Kloppers I believe that if you, as a woman, want to wear underwear in public you have the right to, I think I speak for all men when I say we won’t complain.

Fatima-Zahra – I think that people have a problem with wearing underwear in public because it’s supposed to be a private thing that you would only show to your partner. Even though it’s socially acceptable to wear a bikini if you’re at the beach, you wouldn’t necessarily wear one to the mall, that’s why it might be weird to see someone showing their underwear in public or on the Internet.

Danica Dani Tobin I Personally feel that if bikinis were made for the beach and underwear for the bedroom. If underwear was made to be worn in public, why create bikini beachwear? And lets face it, we see people swimming in their underwear at the beach and it defs isnt a pretty site at all.

Rukea Petersen AdamsThe only difference between the two is the type of material it is made of. Underwear signifies the state before nudity, so if someone is wearing underwear, that person is saying “Look at me I’m almost naked”. Swimsuits signifies swimming at the beach or at a pool. The person is saying “It’s hot , I just went swimming or im going to lay out in the sun and tan or I just came from the beach”. It has nothing to do with the amount of skin you showing but what the clothing signifies.

Lauren Paris There’s just a line between beachwear nd underwear my response would be just like all the ladies who have commented. Yes society plays a huge role so if ladies decide to wear underwear to the beach tomorrow the rest will probably sure follow because they see it as a trend. But I don’t want to wear my undies to the beach lol


So, what’s your opinion when it comes to bikinis vs. underwear? Are there similarities or are some people just full of…

I’ll leave you to answer that question.


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