“ANOTHER ONE” *DJ Khaled voice*

“She loves a nigga with them gold slugs, gold slugs I'm grillin' and I'm f**kin’ at the same time" No, it’s not the cleanest lyrics, but this song has such a catchy beat and even though the chorus is a bit rough, it’s catchy too. The beat matches the mood of the song.  So you... Continue Reading →

Chris Brown – Zero

[Verse 1] I thought we were great You took your love back and ran us off track I counted all the days 'Til you would come back, how stupid was that? [Pre-Chorus] Now you're missing what we used to have Guess the vodka brought the feeling back I was caught up in the aftermath But... Continue Reading →

Underwear vs. Bikini

As we are approaching that time of the year again when the crop tops, shorts and skirts come out and the beach weather has us by the throat, something kind of weird was brought to my attention. Every time I go on holiday and enjoying my time at the beach, as a girl I am... Continue Reading →


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