“Don’t tell me to prove it, cos’ I might lose it”- August Alsina

All I can say as an excited fan girl is… August Alsina has a new sooooooong!!!!


The track was dropped yesterday and it is titled Why I Do It and it features Lil Wayne on it too. August Alsina took to Twitter yesterday to announce the arrival of this new song. Keeping the same ‘August vibe’ that we know and love, this is a breath of fresh air for August Alsina. This song is all about why he does the things he does, hence the name of the track.

The track starts with the one and only, Lil Wayne. With no intro necessary, Wayne gets right down to business with his racy, explicit lyrics. But this is how we know him and we aren’t complaining, we don’t plan to either.


August brings his irresistible style and voice to this track. He makes it known that even though one of the world’s best rapper’s features on this track, this is still his song and he doesn’t make us forget that. Although August Alsina isn’t what I would call extremely explicit in his music, he does however take his sexual side to another level, saying things like “Cause when the hoes see me shop, you can see the panties drop. Runnin’ up a check ,get ’em so wet”.

How girls faces be when they hear those lyrics
How girls faces be when they hear those lyrics

These lyrics even comes across as extremely confident in knowing what girls want and maybe even knowing what he could get, “She wanna know if she can bring her friends, But my n*ggas wanna know if they’re pretty. Yeah they can tag along. Bet you I could tag ’em all”. His confidence has really taken a step up. This is evidence that August Alsina is maturing and growing as an artist. Proving that he is aiming for the top. Making sure each track he puts out is better than the previous one.

Racy and confident lyrics aside, this song is all about August telling fans and those who don’t know him but claim that they do, the reasons as to why he do what he does. Also that he doesn’t have to explain himself when it comes to the things he does. Saying “I ain’t gotta tell you why I do it. Nigga I don’t ask why you do your job” and “I ain’t gotta tell you why I do it. N*gga that’s my business. Even if you say you don’t f*ck with it”.


August Alsina is proving that he is on his way to snatch that number one spot from whoever has it. But let me stop praising this song and allow you to have your own opinion.

Listen Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeCCIGkBbs0


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