body on me058‘Body on me by Rita Ora and Chris Brown: Love the song? You’ll love the music video! Is it even okay to say that it is the hottest music video out right now? Well if you don’t believe me, you should stop reading this and go check it out immediately!

Link to video:

If one should think of artists that should do a track together, Rita Ora and Chris Brown would have never crossed our minds! But they took this track and surprised fans and then went a step further by blowing them away with the sexiest video to date! Talk about chemistry! bom

In this video, Rita and Chris both live in the same apartment building. Coincidently, they live “across the hall” from each other, as Rita mentions in the beginning. The two then have a moment in the elevator and this is where it all begins. We see the both of them walking back to their apartments at the beginning. Rita leans against the door and starts to swoon over Chris, thinking about him and (even if it’s acting) she has ‘in love’ written all over her face. We then get to see Chris enter his apartment and leave the door slightly open as if he is waiting for Rita to follow him right in.


He then gives fans what they’ve been waiting for and takes off his shirt. Like he doesn’t even wait for the middle of the video, he strips right in the beginning! Ladies, I see you!
We also get to see close ups of the two getting uhm cosy, which looks like its taking place in the elevator. These parts actually makes one think: is this really them acting or is there actual chemistry between the two?body on me closeGuys, don’t worry, there are some yummy scenes of Rita as well. Rita can be seen topless while holding a British flag around her in parts of the video. We also get to see close ups of her beautiful face as she sings to the camera.

bodyonme85This video’s story line is about two people that clearly want each other, but all they’re doing most of the time is fantasizing about the other one. They can also be seen watching each other through their apartment windows.IMG_20150820_083156
As the video proceeds, things only get steamier! In the video, CBreezy and Rita are seen getting way too close. Touching and grabbing is the name of this music video’s game! We then move on to see Chris knocking at Rita’s window, telling her to come outside. They then continue the amazing chemistry on the roof of the building and Chris shows off his dance moves, finally! He then dances with Rita and the two makes it look so effortless.

bom02The only mystery that this video will leave fans with a million questions is: were Chris Brown and Rita Ora actually kissing in the last few seconds? Or was it just really good acting?
What makes this video a 16 out of 10, is the fact that Chris brown and Rita Ora are not and have not been romantically involved (or that we know of…), yet they make it so believable in the video.

The way their facial expressions are when they sing a verse. The way that they move together, making us believe they are a couple who just can’t get enough of each other. They will make you believe that they are genuinely singing the song to each other. The whole idea for the video was just magic. And unlike some songs, this video idea WORKED WELL with the song itself.

body on me RitaIf you’re a die-hard Chris Brown fan and won’t be able to handle another woman touching and grinding on him, then I suggest you stay far away from this video. According to a source close to Rihanna, Riri allegedly has a problem with the steamy video. To Rihanna, Rita broke girl code and that just doesn’t sit well with her. “There’s no love lost between them, but this is another example of what Rihanna perceives to be a lack of respect by Rita” a source confirms. Does Rihanna have the right to be upset with Rita? Chris is after all her ex-boyfriend. On the positive side concerning CB fans, you also get to see Chris’ sexiest side and he isn’t afraid to show it! Step aside Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, let Chris and Rita show you how to do it right in a video!



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