HONESTY: The not so best policy

This just happened to cross my mind. I think some people might find this rude, but first read it and then judge.

At funerals, people always have the nicest things to say about the person who died. Like you’ll be sitting there, not knowing the person who has passed on, but just by what everyone is saying about them, you’d imagine that this person was an angel; the best person in the world. This person has never had an enemy or was never rude to anyone and this person was probably in church more than you were. But then I thought about it, how weird would it be if people actually told the truth?

you look nice

I’ve always heard people say, “No, when I die, they must be honest“, but let’s face it, it would be wrong if people told the truth about the person that died. Imagine you’re at a funeral and the person who was asked to do a eulogy says something like, “Tina was a good person at times, but she had many enemies. She could never keep a steady friendship. She always lost friends because of her bitchy attitude. She never had girl code. Always stealing other girls’ boyfriends. That’s why the church is so empty today“. Just writing that just made me feel bad.

people-weddings-next-funerals-meme-kid-fail-saying-funny-funnypics-funnypictures-hilarious-rofl-lmao-humor-comedy-joke-lolpictures-lolpics-lol-pictureSo imagine honesty was the best policy at funerals. I think people would be more mortified at what the speaker said than the fact that someone they loved had passed on. I asked my mom what she would say at my funeral if I should pass on before her. I asked her to just give one honest sentence and she said, “I’ll say thank God this child’s mouth will be closed forever. I won’t be getting an answer back for everything anymore. I will have the last say”. When she said that I felt a bit bad, because it’s a funeral, you’re supposed to miss me, not be glad. (She obviously was joking; my mom LOVES me)

Just a random thought and at the end of it all: I guess that’s why it’s called a eulogy. The person asked to speak should be positive. At funerals you are expected to look at all the memories and mention all the good things that an individual has done, despite all the bad.

But just imagine an “Honesty is the best policy” funeral.


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