#BBHMM: Official Music Video

ririA few weeks ago, Rihanna released her single Bitch Better Have My Money and it caused a stir amongst her die-hard fans. This was different to the Riri sound we are used to, yet we accepted it because she is known and loved for the fact that she takes risks. After listening to BBHMM, fans were anticipating the video to go with this in-your-face track, but nothing dropped.

A video of her performing the song live at the iHeartRadio Music Awards was then going around and fans were under the impression that this was the music video. But no! Rihanna then announced at the 2015 BET Awards that the official music video will be released “This Thursday” and even gave fans a sneak preview!

And just like she promised, the video was released yesterday! With an interesting story line, fans get to see Rihanna take her bad girl side so far that we might not know if she could return from it.

This video has a classic ‘kidnapping someone to get your money back’ kind of feel. Rihanna finds herself involved in a kidnapping crime and she’s the master-mind behind it. We are then taken through different scenes that happen while the kidnapping is taking place. The video takes place in five locations.

Number one is the fancy hotel where Riri’s victim is kidnapped and shoved in a huge trunk.

Location two is an abandoned warehouse where the accomplices ‘torture’ the victim, while Rihanna talks on her mobile and becomes frustrated.

Location three is a Gas station where one watching the video would say is the start of the kidnapping adventure. Rihanna’s accomplices are seen filling the car with gas and buying snacks. Rihanna is yet again conversing on the phone and we see her angry and taking her frustrations out on the payphone.

The next location was none other than on a boat. What would a kidnapping scenario be without a damn boat! Rihanna and her partners in crime are seen enjoying some sun while on the boat and the victim is placed in a blow-up pool, joining them (against her will of course). We are then shown Rihanna being aggressive on the phone, this time throwing her mobile into the water and the shooting at it. It is obviously now safe to say that whoever she keeps calling doesn’t want to give her what she wants and this is upsetting her even more.

Location five is a cheap hotel room where the four girls decide to get drunk and high, this is probably all part of the plan to make sure the victim stays drugged. Even though she is held against her will, the victim looks as if she could be enjoying herself. Then we move on to the final location, where all is finally made clear.

The final location which is probably the victim’s house; the “Bitch” that’s been having Rihanna’s money turns out to be an accountant, who is also the victim’s partner. We then see Rihanna standing in front of a table full of different weapons that has different ‘crimes’ assigned to each of them. When she turns around, the “bitch” is seen tied up and begging for his life. The rest is left to the viewer’s imagination when the video ends with a bloody Riri lying in a trunk full of money, smoking a joint.

Needless to say, the Icon’s fashion was on fleek! Throughout the video, we see Rihanna in outfits that will make you whisper “ooooh she bad!” From long coats that touch her ankles to thigh-high leather boots, we know Rihanna’s fashion could never disappoint. She’s risky when it comes to everything she does and it is clearly shown in this video.

Moral of this story: You would never want to mess with Riri’s money! Brap brap brap!


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