Making all the right WAVES!


wavesLet’s talk about the remix of Waves by Mr Probz (ft. Chris Brown and T.I) Robin Schulz that was released earlier this month. This took fans by total surprise and sent them into a downloading frenzy when Mr Probz posted a status on Facebook saying “Cat’s out of the bag! Here it is… Mr.Probz ft. Chris Brown & T.I – Waves (Robin Schulz remix)”. Now if I think about this whole remix surprise, it didn’t come as much of a surprise, because if you follow…no let me rephrase that,  if you STALK Chris Brown on Instagram, you would’ve seen the insta video that Brown posted a few weeks ago of himself singing a verse of Waves. But obviously, we all just thought it’s one of those videos where it’s just a celeb enjoying some music. CLEARLY NOT!

This remix caught all off guard because after the brilliant Robin Schulz remix, waves was perfect right? Wrong! Mr.Probz then took two crowd favourites and put them onto this amazing song together.  No major changes has been made to the song except now T.I raps in the beginning and Chris Brown sings the first verse and joins Mr.Probz in chorus. For that late night drive along the beach, this is the perfect song to set the mood. Mr.Probz is definitely taking steps in the right direction and we can’t help but love him already.


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