Lip Syncing? A sin?

A random thought just crossed my mind. Remember when there was a whole fuss about Britney Spears lip syncing on stage and it was seen as her deceiving her fans and whatever else was said about her? I must admit at that time I thought to myself “oh my word how could she?! I love her and now she betrays me like this! Hit me baby one more time will never be the same” But if you think about it they are allowed to lip sync.

I know I am kind of not making sense but just allow me to make sense. Singers record their music, they release it and it becomes favourites to many. When you hear a particular song, you know exactly who the artist is and nobody can argue with that fact. Just before the artist starts to sing on stage, just by the intro or music you know it’s that artist and that’s their song, hands down! So why is it such a big problem if they lip sync? It’s still their song, they still giving you an amazing performance, you still singing along, so what’s the problem? Just My Opinion though.


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