Making all the right WAVES!


wavesLet’s talk about the remix of Waves by Mr Probz (ft. Chris Brown and T.I) Robin Schulz that was released earlier this month. This took fans by total surprise and sent them into a downloading frenzy when Mr Probz posted a status on Facebook saying “Cat’s out of the bag! Here it is… Mr.Probz ft. Chris Brown & T.I – Waves (Robin Schulz remix)”. Now if I think about this whole remix surprise, it didn’t come as much of a surprise, because if you follow…no let me rephrase that,  if you STALK Chris Brown on Instagram, you would’ve seen the insta video that Brown posted a few weeks ago of himself singing a verse of Waves. But obviously, we all just thought it’s one of those videos where it’s just a celeb enjoying some music. CLEARLY NOT!

This remix caught all off guard because after the brilliant Robin Schulz remix, waves was perfect right? Wrong! Mr.Probz then took two crowd favourites and put them onto this amazing song together.  No major changes has been made to the song except now T.I raps in the beginning and Chris Brown sings the first verse and joins Mr.Probz in chorus. For that late night drive along the beach, this is the perfect song to set the mood. Mr.Probz is definitely taking steps in the right direction and we can’t help but love him already.


This is His Testimony

From “sleeping on the floor at the corner store to now being up in hotels on the ocean shore”, Hot new artist August Alsina from New Orleans, has the ladies going crazy!

His debut album, Testimony was released last year, 15 April 2014 on his deceased brother’s birthday. August Alsina identifies himself as “just a real n*gga coming through” by which on this album, he proves just how real he is to his anxious fans. The deluxe version of the album has 17 tracks, 4 of which are bonus tracks. Some familiar artists that are featured on his album are Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Pusha T, Rick Ross, Trinidad James, B.o.B, Fabolous, Trey Songz and Chris Brown.

A well-known song on the album I luv this sh*t featuring Trinidad James, is a song many would use to identify August. This song is all about the artist just loving and embracing the perks that comes with being in the music industry. Another track that’s a favourite on the album is No Love. This track, which also has a remix featuring Nicki Minaj, is all about how he isn’t the type of guy to fall in love with. In the chorus of this song, August tries to give a female a little bit of advice or even a warning ,saying augustwhat she can expect with a guy like him, but reassuring her that he isn’t the type of guy to love saying “Don’t come looking for love”. On the track Ghetto, August also allows us to learn what kind of girl he is really into. On this track he speaks about the little things a girl does that makes him appreciate her and also that he loves that fact that she’s straight out the ghetto. Being from the ghetto can mean that she is real and she isn’t fazed by society’s crazy demands.

Like most male artists, August Alsina comes across as the hard type of guy but when you listen to his album, he opens up about his life and what he went through in order to make it this far, showing a vulnerable side to him.

If you want a dose of realness then August Alsina’s Testimony album is just what you need, “And if you ain’t you a mother f*@king… busta n*gga”

Lip Syncing? A sin?

A random thought just crossed my mind. Remember when there was a whole fuss about Britney Spears lip syncing on stage and it was seen as her deceiving her fans and whatever else was said about her? I must admit at that time I thought to myself “oh my word how could she?! I love her and now she betrays me like this! Hit me baby one more time will never be the same” But if you think about it they are allowed to lip sync.

I know I am kind of not making sense but just allow me to make sense. Singers record their music, they release it and it becomes favourites to many. When you hear a particular song, you know exactly who the artist is and nobody can argue with that fact. Just before the artist starts to sing on stage, just by the intro or music you know it’s that artist and that’s their song, hands down! So why is it such a big problem if they lip sync? It’s still their song, they still giving you an amazing performance, you still singing along, so what’s the problem? Just My Opinion though.

Free spirit with a WILDHEART…”

After all the 2013 Billboard Music Awards drama involving Miguel, yes we all know so very clearly what happened, we have some exciting news that fans won’t be able to resist. So let’s not ponder on the horrible past and focus on the yummy future.

Ladies, are you ready?

So it has been announced that Miguel will in fact be releasing another album. After being silent and M.I.A for so long, Miguel announced that this album will be released on the 30 June 2015. He had many fans waiting for so long and some, like me, gave up hope of Miguel ever making an album again, but he clearly took us by surprise. The name of this much anticipated album will be Wildheart. Now if you are a true Mig fan as you say you are, this name will not come as a surprise. He often mentions this in his songs. As an example, he mentions this name in ‘Simple Things’ singing “Just be a tough act to follow. You know, a free spirit, with a wild heart”. His number one fans also have ‘free spirit with a wild heart’ somewhere in their bio, either on Twitter, Tumblr or even Instagram. I dare you to check the bio of those fans, it’s true!

Even though the album release date is so far away, Miguel gave fans a sneak peak by releasing a three- track EP, ‘Coffee’, ‘NWA’ and ‘Hollywooddreams’. How lucky are we and how loyal is he?

This time he will be bringing more sexiness, aggression and just more of more, if that makes sense. This will be his follow-up album to Kaleidoscope Dream. This album promises to bring even more than what we expected to the table and we have the mouth-watering album cover to prove it.