Sail Out will sail into your list of favourite albums!

Sail Out is Jhené Aiko’s new EP on the market of music. A full-tracked album consists of 12 songs. When there aren't enough songs to make a full album it is called an EP. This American beauty graciously blessed her fans and gave them a chance to see a different side of her. Her EP... Continue Reading →

She is The New Classic!

Get out of the way Nicki Minaj, this new girl is taking the rap world by storm! Her name is Iggy Azalea. Iggy has been in the music industry for a while but her single ‘Work’ was the song that put her on the map and has earned her quite a few loyal fans. Her... Continue Reading →

…Yours Truly, Ariana Grande

Yours Truly is Ariana Grande's debut studio album filled with love and all things happy. ‘Baby I’, ‘Right There’, ‘The Way’ and ‘Almost Is Never Enough’ are some of the well-known tracks that can be enjoyed on album. ‘Tattooed Heart’ has a different kind of feeling and sound to it. It will take you way... Continue Reading →

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