The Importance Of Lyrics

Is it rude to correct someone when they’re singing the incorrect lyrics to your favourite song? Is one even allowed to say “uhm that’s wrong, its actually DRIVER roll up the partition please”. I don’t know about you but knowing the correct lyrics to a song is important on a whole other level. I find it highly irritating when you singing a song and someone comes along and sings louder than what your music is and on top of that has the audacity to sing the incorrect lyrics, with confidence. I’m not saying I know the correct lyrics to all my favourite songs but at least make an effort to figure out what the artist is saying.

Does these people who needs to be reprimanded by the lyrics police, even stop and think “wait that doesn’t sound right”. I’ll be using this example throughout but lets take Beyoncé’s partition. I was sitting next to someone and then partition played and this person was telling me what a fan he is and that he knows all of her songs and when it was time to sing, he sang with confidence “Drum roll up the partition please”. Okay,Im sorry, but did you not just say you a Beyoncé fan? and yet you go ahead and sing the incorrect lyrics to her songs! Does “DRUM ROLL up the partition please” even sound right? First of all, the partition that she is referring to is that thing in a limo that separates the driver and whoever the passengers are. So if you sing it and you say ‘Driver’ it makes a whole lot of sense. I’m sure you ,the one reading this, also felt a bit ashamed saying “drum roll” and you aren’t even the one that sings it like that.

When you sing the incorrect lyrics its just sad. This is why Google is there to help you. Google is seriously your best friend. Thought I’d share it. Just My Opinion though.


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