beyonce-press-2014-650fBeyoncé is the latest craze amongst all fans. In the year 2013 on the 13 December, Beyoncé shocked everyone by releasing her first ever self-titled album. But she did not do this the ‘old fashioned ‘way, Beyoncé released her entire 5th album on iTunes.

Fans around the world couldn’t wait to get their hands on her latest work. Fans can expect to see a different side of her this time round. Even though all of her previous albums have always been about empowering women, this one is no different except for one thing: Beyoncé shows us her more sensual and sexy side, also telling us via her music, that she is now a grown woman and loving it. The first track on the album, Pretty Hurts, is all about self-acceptance. In this song, Beyoncé sings about her own experiences about how she grew over the years and now being comfortable in her own skin. Beyoncé sings about aspiring to be happy saying things like “Perfection is a disease of a nation/it’s the soul that needs surgery”. The third track, Drunk in love, featuring Mr. Carter (Jay- Z) himself, is yet another amazing smash hit that proves to us just how in love these two are since Crazy In Love. Fans can also expect collaborations from popular artists such as Drake featured in her song mine and Frank Ocean in Superpower.

Each and every track on this album brings about an inspirational or motivational message. All the tracks make you excited to hear the next and also makes fans eager to know what she will come up with next.*


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